Iowa School Safety Funds by James Hartman

The State of Iowa has allocated approximately $50,000 per k12 building (able to be combined with remaining ESSER funds) to identify proactive measures capable of improving safety across Iowa school districts. While it is truly unfortunate improving school safety remains a necessity, as engineering consultants we are experts in leading these efforts. MODUS can provide a facility with improved safety measures and is aware of the challenges that may occur during the design and construction process.

As your facility improvements are identified, be it fire alarm, door access, intrusion prevention, video, safety communications, or others, it is important to identify cost-efficient paths forward. Our expert designers will assist with future-proofing the implementation of updated technologies.

It is vital that clients are made aware of current building codes as projects begin planning to determine the depth of a project’s scope. For example, fire alarm voice notification is now a requirement to meet current building codes. If your project is adding (or looking to add soon) to an existing education building of any size, you must be able to meet voice intelligibility notification codes for new construction. This is just one example of how current building codes may affect your project.

Creating environments with systems in place that provide parents with confidence in the building’s level of safety, without compromising the student’s ability to learn is the highest priority. Establishing this balance is the most effective way to improve our communities with realistic and proactive safeguards.

If you are moving forward with building safety improvements and have questions, please reach out to Jared Heidemann at MODUS.

Contact Information:
Jared Heidemann
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