MODUS leadership is involved in every project, but philosophically reject micromanaging. On the contrary, our principals empower employees to take action for their clients. So not only will your MODUS contact be one of the best in the business, he or she will have power to get things done.

Justin Doyle, Partner

Justin’s early work history included delivering papers, mowing lawns, house sitting and grocery clerking.

Eventually the Waterloo native became “intrigued and excited about the process of using thoughts, ideas, and applied science to convert labor and raw material into a physical environment,” Justin says. “I knew this was my life-long profession the first time I stood inside a building under construction and saw the product of my design being built right before me. Today my favorite part of the job is when I work with a customer to design around their specific needs and they’re pleased with the final result.”

Justin calls MODUS “fast-paced and high-reward. Our culture of winners makes it an exciting place to work, and there are constantly new challenges being met.”

Mike Brocka, Partner


Working here is rewarding especially once you understand “Why we do what we do” – provide a comfortable and safe environment so Medical personnel can treat patients efficiently and effectively, educators can impact student’s lives forever, owners can increase staff productivity, all while being sustainable and reducing the carbon footprint where possible.  Not many professions can make this sort of impact on society.

Mike Says “ I’m having fun when clients have the look of excitement after expectations are achieved, when design and construction team members work together to resolve challenges, when we win “The” projects, and being in the office when it’s “alive”.

Mike balances’ life by enjoying the outdoors, exercising with the YMCA ‘gang’, being involved with the community and my church, and creating memory makers with family.

Harry Doyle, Partner

At age 10, Harry was busy building forts and scrounging parts for minibikes in his native Waterloo. Today he tells people he “makes all the insides of a building that people use. I make buildings safe and bright and warm and cool.”

The journey from fort builder to consulting engineer picked up speed when Harry discovered his natural aptitude for technical subjects and delighted in the challenge of engineering. “I love it when a technical challenge presents itself with no obvious clear solution path,” Harry says. “The ‘hunt’ and development of a solution using the engineering skill set is rewarding. When the solution is arrived at, it is particularly rewarding when there is a simplicity and elegance to the end result.”

Chris Deal, Principal
Des Moines Office

Chris joined the firm in 2011 as an HVAC engineer.  Chris is a Principal located in our Des Moines office and continues to excel in engineering while building successful client relationships.

Chris graduated from Iowa State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After college he received a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship allowing him to study in Uganda and complete his Master of Science in Renewable Energy. Upon his return, Chris volunteered for Teach for America, concurrently completing a Master of Education degree.

Outside of MODUS he is a founder of EOS International, a non-profit promoting sustainable development through the application of appropriate technology in the developing world. During his free time, Chris enjoys farming and spending time with his family.

Josh Nielsen, Principal
Des Moines Office

Raised in Bondurant, Iowa, this former grocery store produce clerk first considered engineering because he had an uncle in the business, and due to an interest in math and science.

“I enjoy being part of a design field where the results are visible and long-lasting,” Josh says. “I also enjoy being part of good team, both in the office and on the construction side.”

A career at MODUS can be challenging, “but we like to balance the challenging days with fun in the sun. Further, we are a tremendous team of engineers who are willing to step up and help when colleagues get in a bind.”

Roger Lesher, Principal
Des Moines Office

Roger Graduated from Iowa State University in 1996 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He is a former president of the Iowa Chapter of ASHRAE.

Years back, Roger took a chance when he struck up a conversation with a pretty lady at an airport terminal. The chance paid off and the two are now happily married. Their oldest daughter’s name… Ohara, after where they met.

Trevor Conrad, Principal
Iowa City Office

Trevor grew up on a farm in rural Keokuk County, Iowa, and therefore his first real job was a farmhand. Despite a childhood of tractors, combines, and crops, Trevor originally aspired to be an architect, in part due to his enjoyment of science and math in school. The breakthrough came during a junior high assignment to write about his career aspirations.

Soon young Trevor discovered that architecture and engineering — while often intertwined and even symbiotic — are not synonymous, and he veered onto the engineering path.

At MODUS, Trevor loves it when a plan comes together. “I love it when the design is complete and that’s transformed into construction and the whole thing is finished, ready for clients to use and enjoy.”

Brent Waskow, Principal
Waterloo Office

Brent is a firm Principal with a mechanical engineering emphasis. His areas of expertise include plumbing design, HVAC design and project management in the healthcare, education, municipal, and commercial industries.

Brent’s exposure to a variety of clients and facilities provide him with a well-rounded background and a versatile and innovative approach to each project’s special requirements. Many of his projects include extensive remodeling of facilities. These require considerable coordination and phased construction. His career has helped shape his ability to understand the construction process and how to communicate effectively with various owners, consultants, and contractor trades.