MODUS MEP 2040 Commitment



At MODUS, sustainability starts with our vision statement: “To improve society through the design of safe, sustainable, and innovative buildings”. These core values are intertwined as they relate to our environmental future. We must continue to find innovative solutions to deliver sustainable designs that ensure our communities and planet’s health and safety. At MODUS, we understand this great responsibility and are taking steps toward advancing sustainability.

MODUS has officially joined the MEP 2040 Challenge. Established by the Carbon Leadership Forum in October of 2021, the challenge calls for a commitment to net zero. Officially: “All systems engineers shall advocate for and achieve net zero carbon in their projects: operational carbon by 2030 and embodied carbon by 2040.”. MODUS is excited to answer this call and has the plan to make it a reality.

In the fall of 2022, MODUS established its sustainability taskforce, MODUSGreen. The initial role of the taskforce will be to pursue the MEP 2040 challenge. The taskforce will meet the challenge by establishing a company plan with concrete steps to reduce operational and embodied carbon on projects. Additionally, the taskforce will be participating in the challenge’s quarterly forums, adding to the collective knowledge of the movement. The taskforce’s goals extend beyond the commitment to the MEP 2040 challenge. The ongoing goal of the taskforce will be to continue to review sustainability programs and promote literacy in sustainable design internally and outside of the company. Through establishing the taskforce, MODUS renews its commitment to its vision statement, positioning itself as a leader in sustainable design. We look forward to sharing the group’s progress and achievements.

Erik Francois