MODUS Golf Event 2022

Each year MODUS employees participate in our annual golf event. It’s a fun 9-hole round of beginner-level golf mixed with fun rules for each hole to level the playing field. 2022’s event was held at the Tama-Toledo country club where we enjoyed breakfast, golf, and lunch. Hole rules have been listed below, enjoy!

Hole #1 – Landmines

The hole must be played with tees on the green. Do NOT pick up or move tees, you must navigate them on the putting green. A tee may only be temporarily picked up if impeding your putting stroke and replaced following shot.

Hole #2 – Normal Golf

Play on!

Hole #3 – Longest Drive (one hand)

Teams must hit the tee shot using one hand. The furthest tee shot in the fairway wins.

Hole #4 – Closest to the Pin

The closest tee shot to the pin wins. Write your name on the stake with distance.

Hole #5 – Longest Drive

The furthest tee shot in the fairway wins.

Hole #6 – Longest Putt

The longest putt wins.

Hole #7 – Red Tees Boost

Teams choose to tee off normally from the white tees OR move up to hit from the red tees but must hit the driver. One or the other, each member can make their own decision. The same rules apply to ladies.

Hole #8 – Random Club

Each team draws a card at random and you must play that club for every shot on this hole, excluding the putter.

Ace – Driver

2 – 3-Wood

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Irons

All Face Cards – Pitching Wedge

Hole #9 – Modified Alternate

Every person tees off, whoever’s ball you choose to play from may not hit again until the hole is finished, or every other team member has a shot used. This process continues for each shot so every person will have a shot used.