MODUS Operandi by Josh Nielsen

Our inaugural newsletter write-up, a quarterly tradition in the making with various authors and backgrounds, though likely to be brought from an engineering perspective. MODUS is made up primarily of degreed engineers from differing types of focus. We have some mechanical engineers, some electrical, some metals folks, some aero e’s, some wild chem e’s and select staff who have worked in the field, installing similar projects to our designs.  Generally, we are a keen and eager crew, and an effort has been made to bring in the best and brightest. We are based in Iowa and have been for more than 59 years.

MODUS aims to provide a superior product, that is, an engineering solution that best fits a client’s needs and priorities in a market where nearly every project is custom. Clients vary from doing their first project to those who represent solutions on campus with engineering and architecture schools, i.e. very well informed. Each project is unique and has differing priorities.   Additionally, our aim is to work with the design team and construction managers, to provide design options allowing solutions to meet the available project physical space and budget while informing the level of maintenance required in the long term. Further, we work hard to see the engineering solution to fruition.  MODUS is always going to do our very best to see that the project design is realized through construction by working with the contractor team. While good at what we do, we respect that other players on the team have their expertise as we have ours. Together as a team, we create superior facilities.

Reasons for our approach are multi-faceted. Obviously, providing a client a gem of a facility or a polished update to a facility is good for business and good for a client all around. If they had a good experience and we supported them in the effort, it is likely we will work together again. Egoistically, we like to see our and our architectural partners’ efforts around us in our day-to-day.  Ultimately though, sometimes our very best products are hard to observe while hidden away making a comfortable, safe, and productive facility.

We will always strive to provide that superior project where the client, design team, and MODUS can proudly say, ‘we did that’.

Josh Nielsen, P.E., LEED AP BD+C