Denver High School CSD

Denver, IA

This project marked the culmination of the Denver Community School District’s long-term plan to relocate the middle school and high school programming from its previous location to a new site. The first phase involved constructing a new building that included an auditorium, a full-size competition gym, locker rooms, and other miscellaneous support spaces. The most recent project expanded upon the initial phase’s construction and relocated the middle and high school students to a new building. The new space encompasses an expanded commons/cafeteria, a full-service kitchen, classrooms, breakout spaces, administrative office space, band and choir classrooms within a storm shelter, a woods/metals shop, and a wrestling room.


Modus Engineering conducted a thorough analysis with the district to select the HVAC system for the new addition. The design was finalized during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, making infection control considerations a significant factor in the selection process. The ultimate decision was to proceed with an air-cooled VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system due to its energy efficiency, initial cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in terms of configurations and potential for further infection control methods in the future. The VRF system compliments the roof-mounted ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) to provide mechanical ventilation for the building occupants.


The building incorporates technologies, including lighting controls, all LED light fixtures, audio/visual systems in the breakout/collaboration spaces, and integrated audio/visual systems in the classrooms. The new, standard classroom features an integrated system approach that includes intercom, paging, the classroom projector/monitor, overhead sound, and teacher voice amplification. This approach offers the district flexibility for teaching in the classroom and mass notifications from virtually anywhere in the building. Furthermore, the building has complete security camera coverage and access control to create a safe and secure space in alignment with current K-12 security standards for students and staff.


Denver High School Addition


Denver, IA



Construction Cost


Completion Date

Summer 2022