DSM Municipal Services Center

Des Moines, IA

The Des Moines Municipal Services Center is a multi-use facility housing multiple departments. The building contains office space, shops and carpentry, an engineering lab, and a large indoor vehicle storage bay. Located in a flood plan of the Des Moines River, a primary objective of the MEPT design was to “flood harden” the building. In the event of a flood the building will be able to quickly recover without the need to replace or repair the building infrastructure. The main mechanical and electrical rooms are located on the second floor and all electrical and low voltage outlets are installed above the 500 year flood level.

Energy efficiency was a top design goal as well. The entire facility utilizes LED light fixtures. Solar thermal panels are located on the roof and provide pre-heated water for the domestic water system and the in-floor radiant heating loop. An efficient variable refrigerant volume system provides heating and cooling for the majority of the building. This system is capable of shifting energy from one zone to another. During winter months heat from the interior spaces can be shifted to the exterior zones without the assistance of a heat pump. The ventilation system utilizes a dual heat exchanger air handler. All of the building exhaust air is used to pre-heat or pre-cool the incoming fresh air, allowing for a higher total system efficiency.


Des Moines Municipal Services Center


Des Moines, IA




Neumann Monson Architects


105,154 Sq Ft

Construction Cost

$14.8 Million

Completion Date

Fall 2015

Government, LEED