Kingland Systems

Ames, IA

Located in Ames, IA, the Kingland Systems project reshaped the landscape of Campustown at Iowa State University. Rebuilt from the ground up, this three-story facility is complete with underground parking, a CVS on the ground level, and large, open office spaces on levels two and three. The entire system has been designed with user-friendly controls, providing the owner with a complete digital control system capable of monitoring the facility from any location. The majority of the facility receives heat via high-efficiency condensing boilers, while the main lobby utilizes in-floor radiant heating. Energy recovery ventilators pre-condition outside air supplied to the building with air being exhausted to reduce energy costs. The facility is provided back-up power for critical loads by a diesel generator. LED lighting is used, including color-changing LED’s on the building exterior and above translucent panels in the lobby and corner conference rooms. MODUS completes all designs with sustainability in mind. The Kingland Systems facility is no exception as low-flow plumbing fixtures are in place to help reduce water consumption.


Kingland Systems


Ames, IA


Bergland + Cram


80,000 Sq Ft

Construction Cost

$16 Million

Completion Date

Spring 2016