NIACC Solar Project

Mason City, IA

MODUS successfully completed the NIACC Solar PV Field and Rooftop Installations project, a significant milestone in the field of renewable energy. The project involved the strategic placement of solar arrays across the NIACC campus and on specific campus rooftops adjacent to existing energy meters. This innovative design allowed NIACC to install 150% more solar energy capacity than if they installed solar at a single interconnection point. The overall solar production at NIACC will offset approximately 50% of their annual energy usage, translating to roughly $392,200 in annual electric utility savings.


Additional Project Details:

Project Features:
Natural gas generator sets
Each building utilizing solar has its own individual meter
Parallel electric connection with Alliant Energy
Microgrid Central Control of PV and Generators

Current Campus Energy Consumption:
6,416,560 kWh’s at a current cost of $673,991 / year

Total Number of Meters Supported by the Solar Generation:
12 Meters
5 – Supported by Solar Ground Arrays Across Campus
4 – Supported by Solar Roof Arrays

Total Number of Solar Modules (Panels):
5,800 Bi-facial Modules

Total Number of String Inverters:
42 Inverters Controlled by Microgrid Control System

Total Number of Generators:
7 Kohler Natural Gas Generators installed for Load Shedding totaling 1.08 MW
All generators are connected to the microgrid control system
5 – 180kW for Activity Center, Auditorium, Careers, and McAllister (2)
1 – 100kW for Administration
1 – 80kW for Central Plant

Total Solar Generation:
2,547 kW DC (2.55 MW DC) producing: 3,565,496 kWh’s (3.565 MWH’s) or $392,200 / Year

Percent of Current Consumption Replacement:
Approximately 58%

Reduces Energy Cost by over $10.7MM in the next 25 Years


This project stands as one of the largest solar projects by a community college in the nation and arguably the most unique and complex. It is a testament to MODUS’s commitment to innovative and sustainable engineering solutions.


NIACC Solar Project


Mason City, IA

Construction Cost

$6 Million

Completion Date

Summer 2020

Higher Education