SingleSpeed Brewery

Waterloo, IA

SingleSpeed Quick Facts:

Energy Performance

  • The building is projected to perform 32% better than the current energy code.
  • The 101 kilowatts of rooftop solar panels are expected to meet at least 21% of the total energy needs.
  • Commissioning – building systems were commissioned by a 3rd party to verify that the building systems are operating as intended.

Location and Transportation

  • Located in an urban core with over a dozen services and business within 1/2-mile walking distance.
  • Bike parking for 46 bikes outside and 14 inside and a shower for employees who bike commute.
  • Dedicated parking spaces for carpool (2) and low-emitting vehicles (2).
  • Four bus routes within 2 blocks of the building.
  • Parking: working in collaboration with the city, the brewery was able to take advantage of public parking and substantially reduce the number of new parking spaces dedicated to Brewery use.
  • SingleSpeed Brewing promotes biking through activities such as Taproom to Taproom rides from their Cedar Falls to Waterloo locations.

Efficient use of materials

  • Construction
    • Building re-use: Over 75% of the original building was retained.
    • Construction waste: – 90% of the waste material (by weight) from demolition and construction was diverted to destinations other than the landfill.
    • Construction materials with recycled and regional content: 12% of construction materials (by cost) were extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of Waterloo. 14% of materials were manufactured from recycled materials.
    • Wood on the walls and bar fronts was salvaged from existing areas in the building. Most of the existing wood floors were kept in place and resurfaced. New wood flooring was used in dining area using the similar wood floor as the existing historic wood flooring.
    • Existing steel windows along the east were cleaned up and kept in place and 4 existing historic lights were reused in the lobby area.
  • Operations
    • Composting: SingleSpeed is composting all food waste and sending the spent grain to a local farmer for feed and fryer grease is transformed into biofuel.
    • To support ongoing sustainable practices, the brewery has adopted a green purchasing policy and green waste management policy.

Water Efficiency

  • Water efficient fixtures and faucets are expected to use 30% less water than the baseline.
  • Locally adapted street landscaping that does not require irrigation.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Low-emitting flooring, adhesives, sealants, and paints were specified to support good indoor air quality.


*Information provided by C Wise. Visit for more information.


SingleSpeed Brewery


Waterloo, IA




InVision Architects



Completion Date

Spring 2017

Commercial, LEED