Iowa City, IA

The University of Iowa’s Cardiovascular and Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) consists of a mechanical penthouse, elevator and building addition that are directly related to the future CVICU renovation and expansion. The new penthouse was provided with four 26,000 CFM air handling units that will eventually support both the constant and variable volume boxes in Levels 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Colloton Pavilion West. The air handling units utilize multiple fan arrays, a hydronic energy recovery loop, HEPA filtration, and UV lights suited for medical applications, while maximizing energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit is a multi-phase project:

Phase 1 Eighth Floor (Burn Unit):

Renovate 18,000 square feet of the existing ceiling in the Burn Unit located on the eighth floor. The unit was upgraded to a gasketed type ceiling that included the replacement of all associated sprinkler heads, diffusers, radiant ceiling panels, integrated building automation and gasket lights sequenced to keep the Burn Unit operational at all times. This provided an infection barrier to allow construction of the penthouse on the roof above.

Phase 2  Penthouse and Mechanical Upgrade:

The steam entrance was relocated to provide a new steam pressure reducing station (capable of reducing 120 psi to 50 psi to 15 psi). Mechanical systems were upgraded to include five custom air handling units totaling 119,000 CFM in a new Penthouse with air distribution ductwork routed in precast mechanical shafts, exterior to the building, that serve approximately 112,500 square feet of building area.

Phase 3 – Fourth Floor (CVICU):

A complete gut and remodel renovation of twenty four patient rooms and support spaces including new fire protection, mechanical, integrated building automation, plumbing, medical gas, electrical, telecommunications, nurse call and safety security design.


UIHC Cardiovascular and Intensive Care Unit


Iowa City, IA


Heery International


55,000 Sq Ft

Construction Cost

$12 Million

Completion Date

Spring 2014

Healthcare, LEED