Project Team Spotlight – BCHC

Buchanan County Health Center Inpatient Addition and Renovation

Project Team

Alex Matheson – Project Manager
Sam Heithoff – Lead Mechanical Engineer
Dylan Berg – Mechanical Engineer
David Jordan – Electrical Engineer
Danny Phetmanysay – Electrical Engineer
Dawn Klingfuss – Low Voltage Designer


Collaborative Excellence

MODUS partnered with INVISION Architecture to design a new two-story inpatient wing and renovation of the infusion center, aimed at better serving the Buchanan County community and expanding the hospital’s range of services. A key challenge of this project was the partial demolition of the existing single-story inpatient wing while ensuring uninterrupted patient services. The second floor required meticulous coordination to establish the necessary infrastructure and enhance the patient experience and care.


About the Project

The Buchanan County Health Center Inpatient Addition and Renovation consists of a 20,000 sq ft addition, along with a renovation of the existing patient wing to accommodate dedicated infusion services. This expansion was initiated to address the aging infrastructure of the inpatient section and bring the hospital up to current codes and standards. The new addition not only enhances the patient experience but also integrates architecturally with the rest of the building.


The mechanical system features a large air handling unit in the basement, distributing air through each floor to serve individual Variable Air Volume (VAV) reheat zones. Each patient room has its zone and thermostat, ensuring optimal patient comfort. Radiant floor heating was incorporated into the “outboard” areas of the second-floor patient rooms to prevent discomfort caused by cold floors. Additionally, a new vacuum pump was designed to replace outdated equipment, improving performance and providing system redundancy. The hospital’s existing central heating plant was utilized for both space heating and domestic hot water heating through a plate and frame heat exchanger.


The electrical infrastructure of the existing inpatient wing did not meet current code requirements. During the design of the new addition, proper power branches were extended to the new section. The placement of electrical and low-voltage devices was meticulously coordinated to meet the demanding needs of patient headwalls and footwalls. The lighting concept used in the 2014 clinic addition was continued in the nurse station, creating visual coherence across different areas of the hospital. The corridor ceilings were thoughtfully aligned with devices and linear lighting, resulting in a clean and modern aesthetic.


By combining our expertise and collaborating closely with Invision Architecture, MODUS has successfully delivered a project that addresses the evolving needs of the Buchanan County Health Center. We are proud to have played a role in enhancing the patient experience while ensuring compliance with current standards. The dedication and meticulous attention to detail exhibited by our project team are evident in the cohesive design and functional improvements achieved in this project.

Renderings courtesy of INVISION Architecture.