Library Experience (Partial Listing)

MODUS has provided library engineering design since the mid-1960’s. Libraries’ usage and associated systems’ designs have evolved in those 59 years, but some criteria hold steadfast. Our resume demonstrates that we have extensive experience in balancing the wide-ranging programmatic needs of the modern library, in which a singular space may need to serve one person one day, and 100 the next.


MODUS approaches its work from both a qualitative and quantitative place, understanding that human comfort is vital to a successful building and that the facility will only provide human comfort long term if the facility can be maintained properly. MODUS provides an acoustically sensitive design, one of those stalwarts in library criteria.


MODUS will make indoor air quality a project priority. In our varied design experiences, we see opportunities to share technologies found in medical environments with public spaces. Systems like UV-c treatment, increased filtration, and negative air spaces for construction zones in a functioning building are a few of these opportunities to share across project types.


Thriving on challenging criteria and pushing the proverbial envelope, MODUS delivers simple, elegant solutions that are easily maintained, energy efficient, and high-performing.


Library Experience (Partial Listing)
Adel Public Library – Adel, IA
Ames Public Library – Ames, IA
Arkansas State Library – Little Rock, AR
Cedar Falls Public Library – Cedar Falls, IA
Central Library – Des Moines, IA
Elkader Public Library – Elkader, IA
Farmersburg Public Library – Farmersburg, IA
Fayetteville Public Library Expansion – Fayetteville, AR
Franklin Avenue Library – Des Moines, IA
Decorah Bank & Trust – Decorah, IA
Forest City Public Library – Forest City, IA
Gambaiani Public Library – Shell Rock, IA
Hawkeye CC Library – Waterloo, IA
Hudson Community Library – Hudson, IA
Hoffman Public Library – Dyersville, IA
Iowa City Public Library – Iowa City, IA
Kothe Memorial Library – Parkersburg, IA
Marble Rock Public Library – Marble Rock, IA
Mason City Public Library – Mason City, IA
North Iowa Area Community College Library – Mason City, IA
Norman Central Library – Norman, OK
Norman East Library – Norman, OK
Oelwein Community H.S. Library – Oelwein, IA
Stanhope Public Library – Stanhope, IA
Strawberry Point Public Library – Strawberry Point, IA
Tulsa City-County Library – Tulsa, OK
Upper Iowa University Library – Fayette, IA
Waterloo Public Library – Waterloo, IA
Wellsburg Library – Wellsburg, IA