Orchard Hill Elementary

Cedar Falls, IA

Orchard Hill Elementary is located in an ideal location for an open-loop (pump and reinject) type geothermal system. This project included the installation of a supply and injection well that provides heat transfer media to the entire new 30,000 SF addition. Ground source heat pumps were used heat and cool the new addition and energy recovery ventilators (ERV) were installed to supply fresh air and remove exhaust air from the building. The well system includes provisions for additional expansion as the district continues to grow.


The electrical service was upgraded as part of the project and was relocated to a different part of the building to make way for the renovations taking place in that part of the building. The lighting design features the most current technologies with respect to LED fixtures as well as low voltage controls. Audiovisual systems were used to update the classrooms to be highly interactive.


The overall design concepts from a learning standpoint were initially developed at the new Aldrich Elementary school but were then also applied to North Cedar and Orchard Hill.


Orchard Hill Elementary


Cedar Falls, IA




42,000 SF

Construction Cost


Completion Date